Kentro I: Blank Mantra

by Wander as Ghosts

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Sophia Hjkleightninezeroone
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Sophia Hjkleightninezeroone Long awaited follow-up to [new/age/dream/thrash], a favorite of mine back in 2013 Favorite track: Sunk.
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I of III

Swimming in circles thru the last declining empire
Stay ghosts
Stay WandR


released June 23, 2017

Written, performed & produced by @wanderasghosts & @YSIWTOO

Vocals on Costanza, Sunk & Hallucigenia by GrowHou$e
Additional vox on COSTANZA by Rob Greaves (Ubiquitous)
Additional vox on Hallucigenia by Szu
COSTANZA & Hallucigenia mixed by Eyal Levi
HAM mixed by @YSIWTOO
Sunk & Stomp mixed by Andreas Magnusson



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Wander as Ghosts UK

Stay WandR

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Track Name: Costanza
Just anger
Eight strings
Three faces
Sculpt a swamp out of this lake
Blank mantra and no shoelaces
Kleptomaniacs kept in the safe

These seas are mine
Shifting the purple tide
Flick knives and ambien
Something to take the edge off

Sometimes I feel like an American in exile
Swimming in circles through the last declining empire
Sometimes it feels like it's post everything no future
Dead minds all spiralling, they crash into the ocean

Costanza Vandelay
Golden-Arch Nemesis
Four-Starbucks General
Sharp knives to slice the edge off
Track Name: Sunk
Dead zone, mad rhymes to stifle you
Fake time, fake lives to die for you
Glass domes of desert residue

Carved up, served up to animals
No fight left in the shell of you
No uniform to carry you

You're wasting away...

Cat-sized, cat's mind to conquer you
Cat's tongue, cat's throat to swallow you
Tied to the rock they carved for you

Paint on the walls to talk for you
Think nothing, speak without a tongue
The message is there isn't one

You're wasting away...
You're not even awake.
Track Name: Stomp
Andreas Magnusson - mixing
Track Name: Hallucigenia
Eyes blurred
Screen burn
Dead weight

Minds bleed
Scorn leech
Bared teeth

You'll never know
The pixel flares in even glow
Strung out on glitching wire
A hipster hivemind overdose
Dead mind drones
Hallucinating they're alive
Pixel flaregun suicide
On blackened screens that never lied

Simulation's run
Spat out hostile leather sun
Burned you up with acid tongues
From waterfall
To steam
To pond

Don't look at me
I'm not anyone
Neither are you
Since your blue eyes flashed up oily black
Soul-feeding frenzy
Unmedicated, loft room window
Storms over insect island
Wander with them
Migrant, rightless

You, me, them, it's all the same
So blame it on the reptile brain
So blame it on the gods that failed
As molecule tornados flail
And tear apart each chance untaken
By some overrated apes
A party with no drugs to do
Reptilians have feelings too